First home buyers receive:

FHOG   $20’000
+ GIFTED FUNDS   $20’000
Total toward your loan   $40’000

Other home buyers receive:

GIFTED FUNDS   $10’000
Total toward your loan   $10’000

First home buyers without approved subdivison receive:

FHOG   $20’000
+ GIFTED FUNDS   $10’000
Total toward your loan   $30’000

Thank you for your enquiry to build with Tenheggeler Homes.

We have been building homes in the Gladstone region for sixteen years, and as experiences locals, we offer you the very best of both worlds.

Tenheggeler Homes has teamed up with selected subdivisions in order to integrate the fantastic Zero dollar Deposit offer.

With this in mind, you will be directed to a free consultation with the zero deposit first homes brokers, where all your queries will be answered free of charge and with no obligations.

Upon your acceptance of the loan, with a large reputable bank, with low fees, and exceptional rates will all contribute positively to the fantastic home loan you will acquire.

This special offer is perfect if you are considering buying your first home but have concerns about the financial side of things, with regards to having enough deposit.

The financiers and the go-between’s you and the bank, saving you time and energy by putting the deal together, providing assistance and directly dealing with all the necessary paperwork require for the whole deal to go through. The best part is they arrange for your deposit to be gifted to you, and incorporated into the deal.

Once your home is completed you will simply correspond directly with your bank.

To qualify for the Zero Deposit First Homes you must be eligible for the Great Start Grant from the Qld Government, been working full time for at least 6 months, and renting thru a professional real estate agent.

If you are interested in enquiring further to this wonderful opportunity, with your permission we will pass on your mobile number & details to the financier – and they will call you soon.

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